Creating Housing...Supporting Lives

For forty years, Mainstay has provided an array of supportive services including housing and personalized care, that enable people of all ages with intellectual, mental, and/or physical challenges to remain living independently in the community.  

Our integrated team of housing staff professionals, social workers and nurses, all supported by a dedicated administrative team, make life-changing and life-affirming contributions to hundreds of people by helping them acquire and sustain the skills necessary to remain safe and self-sufficient in homes of their choice.

Masshealth Group Adult Care (GAFC)

Under the GAFC program, one of the Mainstay nurses will work with you and your Primary Care Physician to develop a Care Plan to meet your individual activities of daily needs.  The Mainstay Support Staff can help with the cueing and supervision of any combination of the following activities of daily need:

  • grooming and ensuring grooming on a regular schedule
  • dressing and dressing appropriately for the weather and season
  • personal hygiene: assisting, cueing and supervising safe bathing/showering, thoroughly, and on a regular basis. 
  • eating- to maintain a safe nutritional diet (considering the impact of eating on: weight loss/gain, food allergies, fatigue/energy level, dental health risks) and also, assisting with feeding
  • maintaining healthy bathroom use, including cleaning oneself thoroughly, thorough hand washing
  • leaving the bathroom sanitary for the next user and also, un/redressing appropriately
  • transferring/mobility- the ability to walk independently from one location to another (including in inclement weather), moving oneself from sitting to standing, cueing and supervision getting in and out of bed

Seizure Disorders: Individuals with seizures or any history of seizure activity generally need supervision through many of the above activities of daily living.